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AE Transfer After Effects screen AE Transfer 3ds Max screen

AE Transfer is the script for Autodesk 3ds Max, that allows you to easily export object's parameters to Adobe After Effects. You can either export several objects via simple and usable *.jsx script generated by AE Transfer, or copy/paste one object’s parameters via Windows clipboard.

When copying to clipboard you can choose what parameters should be copied. When importing objects in After Effects via *.jsx, some useful settings will help you to recreate 3D scene according to all your preferences.

Objects can be still, animated or linked to other animated objects.

Since version 1.5 the parameters of all object types are allowed for export. Generally it is Position, Scale and Rotation, but some object types like Camera, Light and Planes have their own special parameters. When an object group is adding to the list the only head object (Dummy) will be added, but if you exclude the head object from selection, all selected objects will be added. When exporting a Plane objects in «Export all» mode, layers of the appropriate size will be created in After Effects.

Since version 1.7 you can specify your preferences for permanent use. All these preferences will be always apply when you run AE Transfer for the first time in a new scene or when run *.jsx script in After Effects.

Script was tested and fully compatible with all versions of 3ds Max and After Effects, which newer then 3ds Max 2012 and After Effects CS5.

For more detailed information watch the video below.


Target Camera
  • Position •
  • Target Position •
  • Roll •
  • FOV •
  • Target Distance •
Camera Layer
Two Node Camera
Free Camera
  • Position •
  • Rotation •
  • FOV •
  • Target Distance •
Camera Layer
One Node Camera
All Lights
  • Position •
  • Target Position •
  • Intensity •
Light Layer
Spot or Point type
  • Position •
  • *Pivot •
  • Scale •
  • Rotation •
Solid, Shape or
Null Object Layer

Can be Pre-Composed
Other objects
  • Position •
  • Scale •
  • Rotation •
Null Object Layer
* not available when exporting via clipboard

Note 1. Some 3ds Max objects have parameters that missing in corresponding After Effects layer. For example, a 3ds Max camera has Scale parameter, which missing in After Effects camera layer. In cases when this parameter is modified, for example when camera was previously imported from any matchmoving/3D Tracking application, camera may not be created correctly in After Effects!

Note 2. In 3ds Max versions prior to 2016, when exporting VrayPhysicalCamera, the Field Of View parameter (Zoom in AE) may assume an incorrect values. That's because of "Lens breathing" effect, which involves FOV change, but in fact it not affects on camera's fov property. The first solution is to specify fixed FOV by a checkbox. The second is to manually adjust Zoom parameter in AE after an export.


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Version 1.71
Version 1.7
Version 1.6
Version 1.5
Version 1.1
Version 1.0
Version 0.51

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